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Guide for the Lighting of Sports Events for Colour Television and Film System
CIE S 025/E:2015
Test Method for LED Lamps, LED Luminaires and LED Modules
CIE 217:2016
Recommended Method for Evaluating the Performance of Colour-Difference Formulae
CIE 191:2010
Recommended System For Mesopic Photometry Based on Visual Performance
CIE 190:2010
Calculation and Presentation of Unified Glare Rating Tables for Indoor Lighting Luminaires
CIE 189:2010
Calculation of Tunnel Lighting Quality Criteria
CIE 069-1987
Methods of characterizing illuminance meters and luminance meters: Performance, characteristics and specifications
CIE 053-1982
Methods of characterizing the performance of radiometers and photometers
ISO 30061/ CIE S 020/E:2007
Emergency Lighting
ISO 8995-3/ CIE S 016/E:2006
Lighting of Work Places - Part 3: Lighting Requirements for Safety and Security of Outdoor Work Places