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Guide to the Lighting of Urban Areas
CIE Collection 1999: Vision and Colour, Physical Measurement of Light and Radiation:
135/1 Research note: Disability Glare
135/2 Research note: Colour Rendering, TC 1-33 Closing Remarks
135/3 CIE TC 1-45 report: Supplement 1-1999 to CIE 51-1981, Virtual Metamers for Assessing the Quality of Simulators of CIE Illuminant D50
135/4 Research note: Some Recent Developments in Colour Difference Evaluation
135/5 Research note: Visual Adaptation to Complex Luminance Distribution
135/6 Chairman’s note: 45°/0°Spectral Reflectance Factors of Pressed Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Powder
CIE Collection in Photobiology and Photochemistry 1999:
134/1 CIE TC 6-26 report: Standardization of the Terms UV-A1, UV-A2 and UV-B
134/2 CIE TC 6-30 report: UV Protection of the Eye
134/3 CIE TC 6-38 report:Recommendation on Photobiological Safety of Lamps. A Review of Standards.
Design Methods for Lighting of Roads (incl. CD-ROM)
Practical Methods for the Measurement of Reflectance and Transmittance
Guide to the Lighting for Open-Cast Mines
Measurement of LEDs
Guidelines for Minimizing Sky Glow
Standard Erythema Dose – A Review
CIE Collection in Colour and Vision 1997:
124/1 CIE TC 1-31 Report: Colour Notations and Colour Order Systems
124/2 CIE TC 1-18 Chairman’s Report: On the Course of the Disability Glare Function and its Attribution to Components of Ocular Scatter
124/3 Next Step in Industrial Colour-Difference Evaluation – Report on a Colour-Difference Research Meeting