About MyCIE

Malaysia CIE (MyCIE) is the working Committee that carries out the project works. MyCIE consists of interested parties from the industry and universities. It is a platform for them to reach out to international forum.

The technical activities of Malaysia CIE are carried out under the responsibilities of the seven divisions and facilitated by the respective division heads as listed below:

Division 1: Vision and Colour (headed by Dr John See of QAV Technologies)
Division 2: Measurement of light and radiation (headed by Mr Mohd Azmeer Ahmad of SIRIM QAS)
Division 3: Interior environment and lighting design
Division 4: Transportation and Exterior Applications (headed by Ms Lim Swee Yoong of Straits Design)
Division 6: Photobiology and photochemistry
Division 8: Image technology (headed by Dr Mohammad Faizal Ahmad Fauzi of MMU)
Division 7: (Division closed down and activities distributed to the other divisions)

TEEAM has initiated and formalised the Malaysian National Committee of CIE (NCCIE) with the support of the government through Standards Malaysia. TEEAM hosts and facilitates the Secretariat of Malaysia CIE (MyCIE).

MyCIE Organisation Chart 2