CIE Conference on “Lighting Quality & Energy Efficiency 2012” in Hangzhou, China

CIE in cooperation with the Chinese Illumination Engineering Society (CIES) organised the conference on “Lighting Quality & Energy Efficiency” from 19th to 21st September 2012 in Hangzhou, China. It was well attended by some 300 participants of whom 80% were foreign participants. Malaysia was presented by Mr C.T. Siew and Mr Narendren Rengasamy whose trip was sponsored by Standards Malaysia. They were also given the tasks to lobby for participants to attend the 2014 divisional meetings and conference in Malaysia.

The conference lecture was divided into:

  • CIE colorimetry
  • Metrology and application for SSL & LED lighting
  • Standards development for SSL and LED lighting


Hangzhou-02 Hangzhou-03 Hangzhou-04