Divisional Meeting 4 & 5 in Blacksburg, Virginia USA

To encourage the local industry to participate more actively in the CIE activities, Malaysia CIE has offered to host the CIE Division 4&5 meeting in Malaysia in April 2014. Malaysia CIE had sent two delegates to attend the Division 4&5 in Blacksburg, Virginia, USA from 10th to 13th September 2012. They were sponsored by Standards Malaysia. The delegates were Ms Lim Swee Yong and Mr Donny Chan. They were given the tasks to build network and to lobby delegates from overseas to come to Malaysia for the 2014 divisional meeting, and obtaining information and to observe how divisional meeting is being organised.

CIE Divisional meeting is developed to provide an international platform for information exchange and development of recommended practices related to the lighting industry. Technical Committees are established in each Division to work on specific subject. The delegates participated in the TC meetings where the development of recommended practices and documents related to the lighting industry are being discussed.