Talk on New Frontier in the Standards: 3D Image Acquisition System

On 27th June 2012, the Division 8 Working Group of MyCIE organised a talk on “New Frontier in the Standards: 3D Image Acquisition System” at MMU, Cyberjaya. Some 18 participants attended the talk. The speaker was Dr Tan Ching Cheong, Associate Professor in Multimedia University. MyCIE Treasurer, Mr Narendren chaired the talk and MMU Dean, Associate Professor Dr Hin Yong Wong was also present to give an opening address.
To this date, MMU has offered undergraduate course in optical engineering and postgraduate courses in photonics. The university welcomes the opportunity to collaborate and to engage the staff and students for solid state lighting projects and industrial works. The following topics were covered during the talk:

a. Introduction – 3D imaging system
b. Applications of specific imaging modalities
c. Data Storage, transmission & processing
d. 3D displays
e. New frontier in the industry standards – possible approaches
f. Research highlight – Active & Passive Systems

After the talk, the participants were taken for a lab tour where they had the opportunity to visit the FOE labs, the centre for advanced devices and systems (CADS) which consist of:

1) Digital Home
2) ROBOCON lab
4) Nano lab
5) Microfab
6) Panasonic
7) Optical Lab.

During the tour, participants were given the opportunity to view the research activities, lab facilities and student’s experiments. Overall it was a very fruitful event.